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Light Source Issue 3

Calderhead Continuous vs. pulsed

Er YAG Laser ablation of plantar verrucae with red LED therapy assisted healing

Ultrastructural Observations of Human skin following irradiation with visible red LED

Psoriasis Treatment

Publication List

Goldberg DG, Russell B; Combination blue (415 nm) and red (633 nm) LED phototherapy in the treatment of mild to severe acne vulgaris. Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy. 2006; 8: 71–75.

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ALA - PDT Rejuvenation 
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In-Vivo Studies 
Takezaki S, Omi T, Sato S, Kawana S; Light-emitting diode phototherapy at 630 +/- 3 nm increases local levels of skin-homing  T-cells in human subjects. J Nippon Med Sch, 2006; 73: 75-81.

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Pain Attenuation 
Baxter C et al (2005); ‘A near infrared LED-based rehabilitation system: Initial clinical experience’ - Laser Therapy 14.1:29-36.

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Published Papers

Wound Healing 
Kim JW. “The improvement of Hypertrophic Scar and Keloid Scars using a combination of Carbon Dioxide Laser and Omnilux LED.” Journal of the Korean Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery. Vol 9: 1; 77-85.

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